Sea dragon Lodge offers eco friendly accommodation on Kangaroo Island.  The Island has a reputation for being an unspoilt natural wilderness, so when Sea Dragon Lodge established their luxury boutique retreat on the island a few years ago, they set out to do it in a way that minimised the impact on the local wildlife and vegetation.  The Lodge offers a unique opportunity for guests to enjoy:


  • Luxury eco-friendly accommodation constructed to a 6 star environmental rating
  • Spectacular ocean views from every villa and the Lodge.
  • Wildlife literally at the doorstep. Guests are lucky enough to see kangaroos and wallabies every day and also regularly see echidnas, goannas, seals dolphins and hundreds of birds
  • A pristine private beach that is safe for swimming
  • Delicious home-cooked meals that feature local Kangaroo Island produce


Kangaroo Island luxury accommodation;kangaroo island accommodation; Sea Dragon Lodge; Deluxe Spa Villa - Kitchen Osprey
Deluxe Spa Villa – Kitchen Osprey

The accommodation includes Luxury Villas that are ideal for couples or families less than 4 people.  Multi-bedroom Villas caters for 2 or 3 couples and families of up to 8.

The Lodge and Villas incorporate a number of important features that ensure our impact on the environment is small.

6 Star Environmental Rating
The Villas have all been built to a 6-star environmental rating and exhibit outstanding thermal insulation properties.  They offer premium environmentally accommodation on Kangaroo Island

Solar Power and Batteries
All buildings have solar panels that generate most of the power requirements including the air-conditioning and heated spa pool.  Excess power is stored in lithium ion batteries and supplies power at night.

Enviro Septic
Enviro-Septic systems are used which process raw sewage and turn it into fresh water which is then used to irrigate the surrounding bushland.


All runoff from the roofs of the villas, lodge and sheds is collected and stored in large tanks.  Sea Dragon Lodge is fully self-sufficient with regards water supply.

Natural Gas
Natural gas is used to power all stove tops and instant hot water services.

Low Energy Lighting & Appliances
Low power LED Lighting is used throughout.  All electrical appliances have been chosen to maximise energy efficiency and reduce the loads on the solar/battery installation.

Rubbish Recycling
Sea Dragon Lodge employs dual bins in all accommodation to promote recycling.

Sea Dragon Lodge offers luxury eco- friendly accommodation that is situated in a delightful bushland setting.  It is perfect for guests that are looking for an authentic Australian holiday while minimising their impact on the environment.

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